Tenley Westbrook, the oldest of six children, traveled the world as an Army brat until she was 12 years old.  When her dad retired, her parents moved to New Hampshire where she still resides.  She began playing the piano at seven years of age and singing in her teens, though her mom will tell you that she came into the world singing!

Tenley received a degree in Music Education from the University of Massachusetts and has spent many years performing in concerts, churches, weddings, events, Christian retreats and coffee houses throughout New England and across America.  “Truly blessed” is how she describes herself when it comes to the talented musicians she has shared the stage with over the years.

In 2005, a series of life-changing and traumatic events, including a difficult divorce, the tragic death of her (former) husband just months afterward, and other losses helped to bring Tenley closer to God.  Just two and a half years after her husband‘s death, Tenley lost a man whom she loved very much in a car accident.  She often says that without her faith, her family, her friends and the support programs that God has brought into her life, she would never have made it through the challenges of the last few years.

In the fall of 2006, Tenley began working on her debut album of Contemporary Christian music. Her producer, co-writer and friend, John Paul ( has helped her to create a powerful and versatile collection of songs which showcases her talent as a singer and songwriter.  The album, titled I Believe, portrays Tenley’s passion for God, her compassion for people and includes eleven songs, most of which she wrote, or co-wrote with producer John Paul.

The title track is a reflection of her feelings after her husband’s death.  Tracks like “Inside Your Arms” and “The Only Way” are Tenley’s response to her relationship with God and all He has done in her life.  Her newfound love for her special friend is expressed in “Leavin’ This Love“ and “Soar.” I Believe also features Tenley’s take on two popular songs from the ‘60s and ‘70s that she and John have redefined in their own unique way (I Can See Clearly Now/Song In My Heart and Get Together).

Tenley had the privilege of working with some very talented musicians on I Believe, including John Paul, Ray Greene, Dave Ayotte, Steve Aubert, a children’s choir made up of her nieces, nephew and friends, and in her debut performance, Christina Bowie.  Jon Chase and Toby Mountain added their expertise to the CD project in the final stages of editing and mastering. In addition, Jeff Johnson (art design and illustrations), Derek Drinon (photography) and Beth Stone Hancock (hair and make-up) each offered their special gifts to the album.  Tenley expresses, “The gratitude I feel to all these people for their contribution to the album is beyond words!”

Giving back to the community is very important to Tenley.  She frequently shares her talents with organizations such as The Rotary Club of Portsmouth, The Piscataqua Maritime Commission, Special Olympics, Seacoast veteran organizations, and many other non-profit organizations, as well as in several churches in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire where she serves as a worship leader and soloist.

In the fall of 2008, Tenley re-connected with the military when she began singing for the troops who stop at Pease International Airport in Portsmouth on their way overseas or on their way home from being deployed.  She was so inspired by these brave and unselfish Americans and by the dedicated veterans who were at Pease to greet the troops, that she co-wrote a patriotic tribute to the troops, the veterans and their families called “Our Freedom Song.“  Once again, Tenley collaborated with her producer John Paul, with final editing done by Jon Chase.  The graphic design for the CD single was created by Jeff Johnson, who crafted a unique military patch for the cover, which also features excellent photography by Dan Hildreth.

It was clear to Tenley during the recording process that this powerful song was meant to be “a gift” to those serving in the Armed Forces.  For this purpose, she created FREEDOMSONG FOUNDATION, a 501(c)3 which brings encouragement and support to the troops and their families through music, concerts and events.  Thanks to the generosity of people and businesses across the nation, Tenley has given away thousands of “Our Freedom Song” CDs at no charge to the troops at Pease Int. Airport and at various military locations.

On September 11, 2010, the much-anticipated OUR FREEDOM SONG(OFFICIAL VIDEO)was released to rave reviews.  Director Joe Sommers, who spent countless hours on the project, created a moving and well-executed video which features hundreds of photos of servicemen and -women dating back to 1942 and culminating with recent pictures taken in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Several photographers, including Scott M. Harris, Fred Schottler, Dan Hildreth, and Scott Mace, contributed recent photographs for the video.

Tenley reports, “Many people shared cherished pictures of their grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, and children, some of whom had paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.  Soldiers sent pictures to me from overseas when they heard about the project.  I feel that the OUR FREEDOM SONG (OFFICIAL VIDEO) gives a rich depiction of our country’s history in photographs that touch our hearts and bring us a feeling of pride in those who serve, past and present.  I have been told that it brings many viewers to tears and I am grateful to everyone who contributed to what I believe is a meaningful, extraordinary video.”

On December 18, 2010, FREEDOMSONG FOUNDATION sponsored a concert/global webcast called Tenley Westbrook’s Christmas for the Troops.  This live event, which was produced by the multi-talented Scott M. Harris, reached thousands of members of the Armed Forces, their families and the public all over the world.  Technical Direction was expertly handled by Joe Sommers and the outstanding band featured Tenley and fellow musicians John Paul, Daniel King, Leslie Loomis, Mark Clark, Peter LaFlamme and John Faggiano.  Several holiday video greetings by and for the troops were included in the webcast, as well as a powerful message delivered by speaker and former Navy wife, Cheryl McGuinness.  Over eighty people volunteered to help with Christmas for the Troops and their participation is a testament to how much the people of the Seacoast area appreciate the huge sacrifices made by members of our military.

Tenley Westbrook has been blessed with the gift of music and now has the opportunity to do what she loves most and do it with a purpose.  She has an amazing testimony of triumph over pain and loss that she shares openly and honestly. Her love for God, people and our nation resonates with her audience through stories and songs. If you have the opportunity to speak with her or hear her sing, you will find that Tenley Westbrook will touch your heart with her authenticity and enthusiasm. Her life is summed up in the title of her debut album, I Believe!!