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Dan Walton wrote at February 16, 2012:
I was lucky to have witnessed her sing the national anthem for my unit as we departed the US on our 2008-2009 tour. It was inspiring, and a good memory tied to the deployment.
Lisa wrote at October 2, 2011:
Amazing time at the VA Medical Center 10/1. VERY UPLIFTING for one and all! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
Nancy Lee Kelley from Old Orchard Beach wrote at July 3, 2011:
Dearest Tenley, I thank you kindly for making my 8th Annual Memorial Family Race Day Awards Ceremony in honor of my son, Army Captain Christopher Scott Cash, the most loving and faith filled event of my life. I am blessed to know you, and I look forward to seeing you often. May God Be with you always, With much love to you, Nancy Lee Kelley Gold Star Mother Chaplain of Maine
Chaplain Dan Mercer and Asst. Chaplain Marla Levy Evans from Longcreek Youth Center, Portland, Maine Correctional Facility wrote at May 16, 2011:
Please consider this a TESTIMONY to be added with others on this website: Tenley is an unusual performer for our Saturday chapel service at the Longcreek Youth Center, a Maine correctional facility in Portland, Maine). The population can be very difficult for some vocalists, musicians, and speakers to feel comfortable here. "Unusual" as she displays in a vivid musical way a sensitive and open spirit that is God-led. With her personal testimonies she connected with humility, honesty and an authentic manner to the incarcerated youth listening (ages 12 through 20). We look forward to many more connections here with her as her 2X appearances so far were so popular because the quality crossed any barriers unforeseen. The audience, while filled with those most needing to hear the gospel, COULD NOT HELP but feel the movement in their hearts to know the loving, forgiving and awesome God, in whom Tenley and her band professed to believe. We sincerely thank YOU, Tenley and your band members for your gracious and loving approach to our kids here! AND, of course, your amazing musical talent God gave you and your group was the added thrill for those attending! Thank you so much. Looking forward to the NEXT and the NEXT times here. Continued Blessings on your ministry, Chaplain Dan, and Asst.Chaplain, Marla Maine Second Chance
monique sullivan wrote at May 14, 2011:
Hey Tenley....God is so good...He has truly blessed you and us....with you! love you much...monique
Ed & Donna Sendlak from Bucks County ,Pa wrote at May 13, 2011:
It makes us very proud to be part of your family. As a Vietnam Veteran I am indebted to you for all you have done for the Military and their families .God bless you Tenley and I am looking forward to seeing you on Memorial day when you sing at the Vietnam Wall.Again a sincere Thank you for everything you do for all us Vets and present military personal. Ed & Donna
Victoria James/Norris wrote at May 12, 2011:
Great Job, Tenley! Hope all is well. We're looking forward to our son being home from overseas this summer! Let freedom ring! Victoria
Brian Sweeney wrote at May 12, 2011:
Tenley, Website looks awesome!!!! Nice work Scotty!!!! Brian
Rick Place wrote at May 12, 2011:
Glad to sign your guestbook! Praying for continued blessings on your ministry to our troops and country!
John Merrill wrote at May 12, 2011:
Awesome new website Tenley!
admin wrote at May 7, 2011:
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