Love for the military, service members, and their families

Tenley Westbrook has supported our Maine military community on two occasions with her grace-filled music.  At both events, she sang beautifully, from her heart, and truly touched us by her words, her music, and her overall presentation.  Her obvious love for the military, service members, and their families shines through every song.  Her deep faith and love for God shape her every word and action.  We look forward to having her return again and again to support our troops.  I highly recommend her as a soloist for the most important events your organization might hold.


Chaplain (COL) Valmore Vigue
State Chaplain, Me ARNG


A good friend and fellow worship leader

I have had the privilege of working and serving with Tenley in front and behind the scenes for a few years now.  I have an interesting perspective that not many other people get to see.  In front of the scenes, you obviously know that she is insanely talented when you hear her sing and play and when you watch her perform or lead worship.  But, what you may not know is that Tenley is the definition of professional behind the scenes.  What always impresses me most about her is that she is constantly on point, ready with a pencil to take notes or give notes, writes everything down (like professional musicians do), and more.  She always has great questions and even better, she has great suggestions, as well.  Another thing about her musicianship behind the scenes is her ear for music.  She hears the finite details of when things aren’t just right and is able to trouble shoot those things very quickly.  It’s not often that a musician like her comes along.  And after all of this, what is most impressive about Tenley is her broken heart for God.  She knows who her Creator is and she knows that He holds her life in His hands.  She draws on her experiences in life in performing and leading worship, whether it’s her pains and struggles or her joys and triumphs.  She is a sincere and honest worshiper of the Lord and that is just so contagious.  I’m honored to call Tenley a good friend and fellow worship leader at Bethany Church.

-Billy Petty
Bethany Church


Inspired to Sing Again

Dear Tenley,

Recently you did a concert at the Lifeway Church in Derry New Hampshire. I was there and had been challenged by my pastor, Juan Saa to start doing gospel concerts again as I did many years ago. My wife and my Mom both passed away last year with cancer and it left me with some emotional challenges I had never encountered before. Your music and especially your willingness to share you loss even though I know it is painful gave me the incentive to obey the Lord and actually put a concert together telling my story. Last Sunday, I did my first gospel concert in many years and have already been invited to do two more.

Your transparency played a big part in this happening and I thank you so much. Thank you for the time you took that morning to pray for me and to look me in the eye and tell me it was alright to get some help. I will keep you in my prayers and know God will continue to bless and use you in the years ahead.

Your friend,



Cheerleader, Promoter and Caring Soul

Recently I had the opportunity to bring together a group of professional musicians for a community musical benefit to raise money for a family in need. Though we had many performers signed on early, lots of folks suggested Tenley Westbrook be part of this impressive roster of top area musicians.  I was eager to look her up even if it was late in the game and so happy to find this treasure of a woman and singer-songwriter! When you meet Tenley, one of the first things you will notice is a beaming welcoming smile and of course, incredible energy. She is full of love–for music, for friends, for sharing! Tenley graciously signed on to sing her own signature music that night and was our lead off singer in the first set.

What can I say? She wowed the crowd, she got things going! By the time intermission came around, there were hundreds of smiles all around! While the night was a magical musical success—raising thousands of dollars for a good cause, I also got to know Tenley behind the scenes while planning it. No uh-oh here! There was no one participating in this event more amazing where it “doesn’t show” than Tenley Westbrook. Cheerleader, promoter, new friend, caring soul—Tenley Westbrook did behind the curtain what few but I could see, and so much more than just juggling her very busy schedule to be there for our evening. And on the big night, she ran to the concert hall directly from singing and welcoming local troops returning back home from Iraq, showing up with a dazzling performance and joy in her heart.

To know her is to love her: behind the wonderful, soulful, spirited music of Tenley Westbrook is heart—tempered by fire and shining oh-so bright!”

Rye, NH


It’s All About…Obedience

I have been blessed to call Tenley my friend for over four years. We met at the DivorceCare program at Bethany Church (Greenland, NH) and have been close friends ever since. I am blessed by her strong faith, encouragement and genuine friendship. I’ve always been impressed by Tenley’s musical talent. She has an amazing voice, is a gifted songwriter and musician, and really has a way with an audience. She is a true professional.

I have had the privilege of being at the studio and experience the recording of record two of her songs. Two of my daughters sang as part of the children’s choir on “Every Child” and it was a thrill to be able to see them record their part. I was also there when Tenley was recording the spoken scripture parts for “Get Together”. This was one of the most tragic days for Tenley, as a man that she loved dearly died tragically that morning. She still wanted to record that night, so many of us gathered with her. After all the pain Tenley endured that day she was still able to lead us in the recording. It was a time filled with a lot of emotion, but also a lot of hope. God was certainly present with us and I believe it shows in the recording.

Her CD, I Believe is filled with many wonderful songs of faith, love, hope and truth, and is truly an inspiration to myself and many others. One song in particular that speaks to me is “Leavin’ this Love” which talks about being obedient to God with our relationships. It is something I learned in the DivorceCare program and is greatly reinforced through Tenley’s song. I am sure this song will be an inspiration to many who are in a relationship and looking for God’s guidance.

I hope that all who read this will take the time to get to know Tenley through her music, her ministry and just as the amazing person she is.

Dover, NH